Pure Vegan Book Trailer

Book Launch

“Pure Vegan” Cookbook to Launch August 19 at Lindy and Grundy

Date: Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time: 6 ~ 8 pm

Location: Lindy and Grundy 801 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

The event is open to the public, but an RSVP is requested: rsvp@purevegancookbook.com

I will hold a book launch and signing of his new book, Pure Vegan: 70 Recipes for Beautiful Meals and Clean Living (Chronicle Books) at Lindy and Grundy, a butcher shop specializing in local, pastured and organic meats.

A vegan cookbook that celebrates eating and enjoyment rather than emphasizing the politics of a vegan lifestyle, Shuldiner’s Pure Vegan proves that embracing a vegan diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sweets and cocktails. Says Shuldiner, “The title of the book is “Pure Vegan,” not “Puritanical Vegan.” His beautiful compilation features 70 novel, vibrant recipes that are both plant-based and indulgent. While all of the ingredients are non-meat-egg-dairy, Shuldiner’s unique combinations will appeal to meat lovers and committed vegans alike. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are represented, but so are special “Late-night” and “Very-late-night” chapters dedicated to sexy indulgences like chocolate truffles and herbal cocktails. (“Vodka is vegan, after all,” says Shuldiner.) Seventy-five gorgeous photographs round out this beautifully packaged book.


Joseph Shuldiner

Joseph Shuldiner is director of the Institute of Domestic Technology, a Home Ec University offering classes, tours and programs dedicated to the study and exploration of the lost domestic arts. A graphic designer, photographer, writer and visual artist by training, Shuldiner has always had a passion for ethnic, gourmet  plant-based dishes, D.I.Y. cuisine and locally sourced ingredients. As well as being a certified Master Food Preserver with the UC Cooperative Extension, Shuldiner has also chronicled California’s artisanal food-craft movement and is a contributor to EAT:Los Angeles, the Food Lover’s Guide to Los Angeles.

Lindy and Grundy

Los Angeles’ sustainable butchers “Lindy and Grundy”– aka Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura – believe it’s necessary to support local California agriculture. Eschewing huge factory farms and distributors, Lindy and Grundy support small family-run farms that do not use antibiotics or hormones on their animals nor allow pesticides or herbicides to treat grass the animals feed on. Amelia and Erika are pioneers in sourcing and supporting small start-up artisanal food producers in Los Angeles, oftentimes offering these Food-trepreneurs their first commercial exposure.

Recipe Testers

Jicama Slaw by recipe tester Ashley Gish

Recipe testing for  the cookbook is underway! Team Pure Vegan consists of 20 home kitchen testers so far and covers a few states and a high school friend who now lives in Thionville, France.

These brazen cooks have prepared individual dishes, orchestrated Pure Vegan dinner parties and supplied me with very helpful notes. In addition to typos, the group has supplied clearer descriptions, instructional language and some hilarious comments from dinner guests.

We still have a bunch of recipes to go so if you are interested in participating please contact me, or leave a comment here. I’m not able to offer monetary compensation but you’ll be showered with praise in the book and receive a personally signed copy from me upon publication.

I will continue to post stories, pictures and videos from Team Pure Vegan as we progress through the recipe testing stage of the book. Also to follow will be images from the photo shoots and some teaser recipes that were stars from testing.

Pure Vegan

From the upcoming book "Pure Vegan"

This is the working title for my first cookbook deal with Chronicle Books.  Having designed a number of cookbooks for others, this is the first I am authoring. The book is a collection of 72 recipes that just happen to be vegan. The chapter structure goes like this; Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night and finally, Very Late Night. As you might guess by now, it’s a sexy decadent take on vegan cuisine. Recipes will become more and more sensual as the chapters progress. The Late Night and Very Late Night chapters will have cocktail as well as rich dessert recipes for all you Voluptuaries out there.

I will be designing the book – natch! –  and will be sharing a photography credit with Emily Brooke Sandor who brilliantly shot the photos for the Celebrating with Julienne cookbook I produced for Sue and Julie Camoy. The book’s release date is Spring 2012. I will posting updates here as I move forward with the book’s production including recipe testing, photography, food styling, design and I’m assuming many stories.

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Welcome to my new blog. I plan on sharing projects that I’m working on as well as ideas and people that inspire me. In addition to news about the design projects and exhibitions that I am currently working on, I will be posting items that catch my eye or have been sent to me by idea-hungry friends and colleagues who are my digital eyes and ears around the world.

A few more thoughts about content. After countless hours of trying to label and focus this blog into a neat one word theme, I abandoned all resistance and settled on the theme of  no theme, allowing my creative filter to have free reign and run wild. I will say that topics guaranteed to have my attention will include: graphic design, fine art, craft, diy, travel, food, wine and cocktails, eating, organic farming and the people behind all of these ideas.

One area I do want to single out is the current food revolt movement. This is an area I have been devoting myself to both personally as well as professionally through my design and consulting business. You’ll be sure to hear from me regarding the public backlash against factory produced food, to the groups and individuals bypassing the corporations entirely such as the brave urban guerilla gardeners and the free produce exchange movement.

Please feel free to contact me or comment here to participate in the dialog.

-Joseph Shuldiner